Once transient to the state, the Shiras moose was reintroduced into Colorado in the late 1970's. The species success has provided tourism opportunities for wildlife watchers and sportsman alike. Still a rare animal to see in the wilderness, wildlife managers remain responsible for managing sustainable moose populations and striking a balance between the public, ranchers and wildlife who all use the land to survive. The film combines captivating stories from biologists, wildlife managers, photographers, hunters and ranchers with stunning footage of moose and majestic scenics of the Colorado Rockies they now inhabit. 

Director’s Statement

"Colorado's Moose" is an all encompassing tale of the reintroduction of moose to Colorado. It is an incredible story that has yet to be told on the big screen, but one that has helped shape the wildness of Colorado's landscape and create a wildlife viewing experience unlike anything else in the state. As a Colorado filmmaker I typically focus on nature, wildlife and conservation stories because that is what I'm passionate about. I spend the majority of my personal and professional time adventuring outdoors, seeking new and challenging experiences, and discovering new stories. In 2016 I decided to take my camera to the mountains in order to film moose simply as a professional exercise in filming wildlife. Filming these incredible and enormous animals was a thrilling experience that led me to research and study the story of their reintroduction to my home state. The deeper I delved into the history of the moose reintroduction, the more I became enraptured not only by how these animals were returned to the landscape, but also how managers continue working to achieve healthy and sustainable populations. I've dedicated significant time and effort to film and edit this documentary and I'm both humbled and honored to be able to share this tremendous story for wildlife management with audiences.