moose festival

Join us at the moose visitor center in state forest state park on august 18th where I will be presenting scenes from the upcoming documentary. learn more here.

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contact me for more details.

Currently in Production

Colorado's Moose

Documentary Feature

Colorado's Moose is a 60-minute documentary currently seeking completion funding for editorial. If you are interested in learning more about the film, please contact me and I will forward the password for the concept trailer along with additional details about the film.

Once transient to the state, the Shiras moose was reintroduced into Colorado in the late 1970's. The species success has provided tourism opportunities for wildlife watchers and sportsman alike. Still a rare animal to see in the wilderness, wildlife managers remain responsible for managing sustainable moose populations and striking a balance between the public, ranchers and wildlife who all use the land to survive. The film combines captivating stories from biologists, wildlife managers, photographers, hunters and ranchers with stunning footage of moose and majestic scenics of the Colorado Rockies they now inhabit.